About Us

Broadcast Wear started off as an idle discussion between friends, and today has a line of existing and upcoming products.

The company started with a t-shirt – the world’s first programmable, touch enabled t-shirt. It would sync with your mobile phone and change designs and slogans according to your choice. In fact, users can change the design or slogan on their t-shirts by tapping on the logo!

While making these awesome t-shirts, our brains were working double- time, coming up with more ideas to make lives interesting. We have now, after extensive research, developed competencies in merging technology with textiles. In addition to touch-enabled clothing, we have created reflective clothing and interactive clothing!

We are now working on creating a wearable phone!

P.S: We are based in Hyderabad, India, and are a team of 20 people who rock what they do!