One T Shirt. Mind blowing technology.

Speak your mind.
Get your hands on the world's first touch - enabled programmable T Shirt!

What’s good about it?
Packed with technology, fashionable as never before!




Touch Enabled

Tap on the logo to switch on the LED Display, tap it again to switch it off. Swipe on the logo to automatically fetch an image/text from your library and display.




Keeping your comfort in mind, we have crafted LEDs that merge seamlessly with the cloth. Get comfortable with technology!




Display text/images on the T Shirt

Feeling blue? Just let your Broadcast t shirt do the talking! Type out your thoughts, and show it to the world! You can also display any image you want. Draw, or upload, and it’s done!




The LEDs in the T Shirt are waterproof, making the T Shirt perfectly washable. This means, you will be able to own one for as long as you want.





One t shirt, one community. Share your creations with the Broadcast Wear community. And see all the designs and slogans created by other users. Share and use designs and slogans!




Love your new design/text? Save it to the app’s library, and use it whenever you want. Multiple designs for a single t shirt!


How Broadcast Wear works

Step 1. Pair T Shirt with App

Download the Broadcast Wear app and Pair your T Shirt with your Phone.

Step 2. Design or type

Create the design pattern or type the text you want to be displayed on your T Shirt

Step 3. Send design to T Shirt

Using the app, send the created design pattern or text to your T Shirt


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