What’s good about it?
Packed with technology, fashionable as never before!

  • Touch Enabled: Tap on the logo to switch on the LED Display, tap it again to switch it off. Swipe on the logo to automatically fetch an image/text from your library and display.
  • Comfortable: Keeping your comfort in mind, we have crafted LEDs that merge seamlessly with the cloth. Get comfortable with technology!
  • Display text/images on the T Shirt: Feeling blue? Just let your Broadcast t shirt do the talking! Type out your thoughts, and show it to the world! You can also display any image you want. Draw, or upload, and it’s done!
  • Waterproof: The LEDs in the T Shirt are waterproof, making the T Shirt perfectly washable. This means, you will be able to own one for as long as you want.
  • Community: One t shirt, one community. Share your creations with the Broadcast Wear community. And see all the designs and slogans created by other users. Share and use designs and slogans!
  • Library: Love your new design/text? Save it to the app’s library, and use it whenever you want. Multiple designs for a single t shirt!

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